About Us

A|Q Forensics possesses a broad and comprehensive knowledge in the fields of military intelligence, counter-espionage, artificial intelligence, and blockchain analysis. We strive to make the digital world safer and more transparent by protecting the integrity and security of blockchain systems and assisting in uncovering crimes committed in this area. Our expertise and experience in blockchain technology enable us to act quickly and accurately, gaining valuable insights into blockchain transactions. We have developed our own specialized method for investigating transactions on the blockchain and analyzing the network and other crucial data sources.

Our methodology allows us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of blockchain transactions and present the results in a clear and simple manner. We work closely with our clients to understand their individual requirements and provide tailored solutions. We take pride in our ability to offer top-tier customer service and close collaboration with our experts. We understand that each case is unique and ensure that we select the best approach for our clients’ individual needs. We were the first company in Austria to become certified crypto forensic experts in the United States and have already applied our expertise in several hundred cases. Our most significant success was the recovery of stolen assets totaling €800,000.