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Blockchain Proof of Funds Report

A proof of the source of funds for cryptocurrencies is often required by banks or other financial institutions to ensure that the money used to purchase cryptocurrencies comes from legitimate sources. Demonstrating the origin of funds is a crucial aspect of combating money laundering and terrorism financing, ensuring that the money does not originate from illegal activities such as drug trafficking, theft, or other criminal endeavors.

We assist you in implementing and complying with due diligence requirements. In our “Blockchain Proof of Funds Report,” we create a graphical representation of digital asset transactions on the blockchain and map all entities (exchanges, payment gateways, mixing services, darknet marketplaces, etc.) with which your customer has interacted. This helps assess the risk associated with the transactions and, ideally, issue a certificate of legitimacy. In addition to the report, you will receive all transaction data in raw and refined (readable) formats.

  1. When converting digital assets back into fiat currency

  2. When withdrawing from cryptocurrency exchanges to a bank account

  3. For securing over-the-counter (OTC) trades

  1. Traceability of digital assets

  2. Exchanges with AML and KYC procedures

  3. Red flags

  4. Risk assessment of wallets

  5. Balance sheets

The discovered results will be provided to you in the form of a comprehensive and legally sound report.

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