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Crypto Forensics: The Opportunity to Trace Stolen Cryptocurrencies

In a recently aired episode of PM-Wissen, we had the opportunity to discuss the topic of Crypto Forensics. Albert Quehenberger is the first certified crypto forensics expert in Austria and has worked on over 400 cases in recent years.

How did Albert get involved in this field? The answer is simple: in 2013, he had 6 bitcoins stolen from him. This experience prompted him to delve deeply into the subject and discover how stolen cryptocurrencies can be traced. Since then, he has specialized in crypto forensics and has been successful in this field.

In the conversation, Albert described how he works with the analysis software from Crystal Blockchain Analytics and outlined his approach to tracing stolen cryptocurrencies. He emphasized that it is indeed possible to identify the masterminds behind a crime and hold them accountable in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. The work of a crypto forensics expert requires not only technical understanding but also detective skills, along with a high degree of patience and persistence.

Crypto forensics is a relatively new field and necessitates ongoing education and adaptation to the constantly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. However, Albert stressed that investing in this field is worthwhile, as the demand for crypto forensics experts has significantly increased in recent years.

The significance of crypto forensics is expected to continue growing in the future, as cryptocurrencies are increasingly targeted by criminals. Therefore, it is important for businesses and individuals to be aware that stolen cryptocurrencies can be traced and recovered.

Overall, the conversation with Albert Quehenberger was extremely interesting and enlightening. It demonstrated that crypto forensics is a fascinating and vital field that will play an increasingly important role in modern crime prevention. We look forward to seeing how this field develops in the coming years and are eager to learn more.

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